I keep a picture of him above my bed.

I hold the memory of him imbedded in my soul.

The picture serves my soul as a visual reminder.

The lesson from the outer world which my having known him brought me.

Who he was to me, matters not you.


Round and round we go, like a spinning top.

A tornado, a merry-go-round out of control.

Take refuge in the nuthouse where your sweetest dreams come true.

Gum drops and crackerjacks weighed for you by the pound.

Shelter from the coming storm.

Journey with me to the land of Oz.

Observations inked on pink stationary.

Cloaked in pink terrycloth robes, images reflected in looking glass mirrors.

Tuffets to rest your feet amidst rock walls & waterfalls.

Pink chandeliers, globes light the path.

High back chairs to posture high brow cocktails.

Warriors battle it out amid the silence between sets.


I know not where I’m going.

Distant traveller.

I know not what I’m after.

Emotions consume.

I use language to ascribe a quality to this anxiety.

I use language as a light in the darkness.

Scared, I wonder through silhouettes and shadows.

To which I gesture, searching for meaning, to…

One way ticket to Peten.

Question arises, will you arrive.

Just then to find an apple at the gate.

Destined to meet a driver, he awaits.

Scrawled on college-rule, spelling very crude.

Velveteen neoprene seats to protect & cushion your voyage.

Singing & ukulele beacon you to your unfamiliar home.

Ice hits my face so fast and cold that instead of melting down my cheek, it sticks. I am reminded of the scene in Cool Runnings, where they leave the airport in Canada and the one guy’s dreads freeze off.

Immediately, I return to warmth on the speed train, caught…

Flawless mountains, a sculptor’s heaven.

The infinite shapes one could carve into the walls of these giants.

Yearning for sunshine to melt away the frozen layers of isolation.

And bring light to the original beauty of the mountain range that lies below.

It’s no wonder gnomes, giants, and elementals of…

Casandra Higuera

Embodying my divine feminine Goddess self, and figuring out what the heck that even means #healing #health #coach #transformation #radicalselflove #ownit

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